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Moving to Predictive Analytics

Condition Monitoring for Proactive Intervention :Our solution offers continuous monitoring of critical components such as pumps, valves, and pipelines, enabling early detection of potential issues. By analyzing performance metrics against established benchmarks, maintenance teams can precisely schedule interventions, optimizing resources and minimizing costs.

Empowering Predictive Maintenance : Utilizing sensors & historical data along with cutting-edge predictive analytics, our models forecast the remaining useful life of equipment components. This empowers organizations to develop optimized maintenance schedules, minimizing downtime and maximizing equipment availability

Water Management:  In today's crisis situations, efficient water management is paramount. Our comprehensive solution, integrating flow sensors, level sensors, and AI-driven predictive analytics, ensures better long-term water yields while preventing equipment damage and downtime, crucial for sustaining water sources.

Asset Optimization:  Our AI/ML models leverage data from diverse sources including Pumps, diesel generators, lifts, Transformer's and HVAC, to forecast equipment remaining useful life. This proactive approach minimizes downtime and associated costs, with automated maintenance scheduling based on predictive insights. 

Experience the Future of Facility Management with Our IoT Solution


Cut Operating Costs

Optimize remote monitoring of buildings, equipment, and inventory, reducing labor expenses. IoT climate control systems prevent wasteful resource usage, while predictive maintenance tools ensure smart financial allocation.


Efficient Automation

Harness the power of sensors to automate processes seamlessly. Smart systems respond to risks and threats autonomously, minimizing the need for human intervention


Boost Employee Productivity

Free up time for staff to focus on critical tasks by automating monotonous activities across the facility.


Real-Time Transparency

Gain visibility into all processes with our IoT facility management systems. Access the most relevant information updated in real time, empowering teams to make informed decisions.


Core Maintenance

Effortless Entry with QR Codes: Simplify entry processes with QR code scanning, ensuring swift and accurate logging.

Seamless Voice Inputs: Enable hands-free logging with voice input functionality, enhancing ease and efficiency.

Priority Logs with Visuals: Capture images and videos for priority logs, complete with geo-tagging for precise documentation.

Streamlined Reviews and Approvals: Implement hierarchical approval systems for logs, ensuring accountability and accuracy.

Tailored Logging Categories: Customize logs for various needs including tankers, water consumption, quality, electrical, diesel, HVAC, and more, providing versatility and specificity.

Personalized Reporting Options: Generate customized reports in PDF or Excel formats, tailored to your specific requirements for comprehensive analysis and decision-making.

Instant Alerts and Triggers: : Set up personalized alerts and triggers to stay informed about critical events in real-time, enabling proactive management and response.


Asset Management

Unlock the Potential of Your Assets

Asset Lifecycle Insights: Effortlessly monitor asset status and location with QR Codes. Access detailed information instantly, including warranty, service providers, and maintenance schedules.

Predictive maintenance: Experience automated AI-based predictive maintenance to prevent failures and unplanned downtime. Harness the power of your data to optimize operations and maximize asset performance.

Enhanced Decision-making: Track asset history for informed decisions and improvement opportunities.

Proactive Maintenance: Stop Breakdowns Before They Happen. Predictive insights drive preventive maintenance, minimizing downtime and depreciation.

Comprehensive Risk Management: Conduct audits, manage wear and tear, and plan contingencies efficiently.

Efficient Procurement: Streamline procurement processes with multi-vendor agreements, ensuring cost-effectiveness and compliance.

Insightful Dashboards: Track key metrics and leverage data analytics for actionable insights.

Stay Updated: Set alerts for maintenance and repairs to prevent downtime, receiving timely notifications.

Tailored Reports: Generate customized reports and download files effortlessly for easy access to asset details.


Our Streamlined Task Management feature

Effortlessly create tasks and stay organized with a clear overview of pending items.
Assign tasks with priorities and deadlines to ensure smooth execution.
Tailor approval hierarchies to match your workflow needs seamlessly.
Experience an end-to-end task lifecycle workflow for enhanced productivity.
Stay informed with detailed activity logs for full transparency at every step.
Generate insightful reports to track progress and make informed decisions.


Unlock the benefits of Work Order Management

Estimate resource hours and types required for each task.
Plan for estimated materials and costs accurately.
Follow standardized procedures for consistent outcomes.
Ensure safety compliance with readily available information.
Track and monitor progress for efficient management.
Centralize knowledge management for improved collaboration.
Gain better insights into operations for informed decision-making.

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Effortlessly craft customized contracts with all necessary details.
Store signed documents and files securely for easy access.
Keep track of contract timelines to stay ahead of deadlines.
Receive triggers and alerts based on customized rules and deviations.
Ensure compliance by maintaining detailed records with automated triggers.
Gain insights with comprehensive reports for informed decision-making.


Easily report incidents and attach evidence like images and videos.
Capture comprehensive details and set priorities for quick resolution.
Assign tasks to Point of Contacts for necessary actions.
Track the incident workflow from start to finish, including approvals.
Document root causes and implement corrective actions for future prevention.
Generate detailed reports in PDF and Excel formats for analysis and documentation.



Effortlessly create purchase requisitions and orders.
Streamline RFQs (Request for Quotations) for vendor comparison.
Manage vendors and monitor SLAs (Service Level Agreements) seamlessly.
Compare multiple quotes for the best decision-making.
Customizable approval flows for smooth operations.
Track material rate flow timelines efficiently.
Ensure secure in/out material movement with multi-level verifications and approvals.
Stay on top of inventory tracking and usage management.
Generate and maintain customized invoices effortlessly.

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Boost accountability with enhanced tracking capabilities.
Utilize geofencing and GPS on-demand for precise attendance monitoring.
Simplify time off management effortlessly.
Choose from customizable punch methods to suit your needs.
Streamline workflows with automated processes.
Receive tailored notifications and easily approve requests.
Simplify payroll management with customizable reports for effortless reconciliation.


Easily report incidents and attach evidence like images and videos.
Capture comprehensive details and set priorities for quick resolution.
Assign tasks to Point of Contacts for necessary actions.
Track the incident workflow from start to finish, including approvals.
Document root causes and implement corrective actions for future prevention.
Generate detailed reports in PDF and Excel formats for analysis and documentation.

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